May 11, 2022
The Eleanor Roosevelt Fruit & Vegetable Garden honors a truly groundbreaking First Lady

Today, Valerie Jarrett, Obama Foundation CEO, shared a closer look at another exciting feature of the Obama Presidential Center they’re building on the South Side of Chicago. 

In keeping with Mrs. Obama’s healthy eating initiatives and the White House Kitchen Garden she launched during her time as First Lady, there will be a Fruit & Vegetable Garden on the Center’s campus.

Like any great garden, there will be planting beds for seasonal produce and a picnic area for friends and families to gather. There will also be a Garden Classroom & Teaching Kitchen where visitors of all ages and abilities will be able to participate in hands-on workshops to learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Center’s community-driven design will draw visitors from around the world and put the South Side of Chicago on a global stage.

Click here to see more of the garden.

March 15, 2022

Our Great National Parks

Narrated by former President Barack Obama, this stunning docuseries shines the spotlight on some of the planet’s most spectacular national parks.

January 31, 2022

Reveal Your Luminous Skin

The NEW Tinted Moisturizer Light Revealer boosts skin’s radiance for a healthy glow everyone will notice. Try it now at

January 19, 2022

Reason Bassline Generator

Bassline Generator does exactly what it says: generate basslines. However, the power of this Player lies in just how well it actually does that.

Bassline Generator is a Player made for cooking up new basslines fast. Use the immediate interface to mix, match, and modulate the tailor-made phrases. Find the perfect low-end groove for anything from Techno and House to Neo Soul and Hip Hop. It comes with 120+ patches, including Player patches and Combinators with ready-to-go bass sounds.


  • Create basslines by mixing, matching, and modulating built-in patterns.
  • Edit and tweak the results in the note display.
  • Use the randomize function for fresh, unexpected results.
  • Trigger and transpose basslines from your MIDI keyboard.
  • Connect to other devices in the Reason Rack through CV inputs/outputs.


January 18, 2022

Subscribe To Reason+

Get world-class sounds and unique creative tools. Start making music now. Subscribe to Reason+ and get the tools to sound like nobody else. First month $1 only. Cancel anytime. $19.99/month.

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January 18, 2022

Use Your Ears

Every sound in Reason+ is created using combinations of Reason’s 75+ instruments and effects. You have full access to every knob and can add or remove devices to make it sound like you. Combine them any way you want in the Rack to create the perfect sound for what you want to express. Some of these may look complicated at first – but don’t worry. Nothing can break. Just use your ears and try stuff out!

January 17, 2022

Drum Loop Software

The perfect tool for sampled grooves

Slice your sampled loops with ReCycle and turn them from rigid recordings to flexible musical elements that blend seamlessly with your music. ReCycle slices loops into their rhythmical components, letting you quantize, rearrange or totally reimagine your sampled grooves.

How It’s Done


ReCycle finds all the transients in your sampled material and slices your loop up, while also keeping the timing information so you can play it back at any tempo without losing its feel or with the artifacts that come from time stretch.


Sculpt your sound with ReCycle’s built-in effects: Transient Shaper, EQ, Envelope and a stretch feature that stretches the tail end of each slice in the loop.


Save your loops as REX files and let the creative part begin. With ReCycled audio your loops can be arranged, rearranged, have their timing altered, or even be used as a groove template for your song.

ReCycle Tricks

  • Like the sounds of your loop, but the feel isn’t right for your song? ReCycled loops can be quantized in your sequencer to fit with any groove.
  • Or maybe you like the feel of your loop, but the snare isn’t right? Simply replace the snare while keeping the tempo.
  • Create a ‘live’ performance by rearranging the loop’s slices in your sequencer, adding fills and variations.
  • Use your sequencer’s groove quantize to set the ReCycled loop as your groove template and have the whole track swinging to your loop.

Want to take ReCycle for a spin? Download the demo and try using ReCycle with your current music setup. Demo limitations: the demo version comes with four built-in loops that can be treated but saving as REX files is disabled.

The REX File Format

REX is the native file format of ReCycle. A REX file contains the original audio of the loop, the slices you have applied in ReCycle, and any effects or processing you have added in ReCycle. REX files are also compressed, using a non-lossy compression technique to save some precious hard drive space. The REX technology is available for third parties and has become the de facto standard for loop handling in just about every DAW.

REX – the industry standard.

January 16, 2022

Reason Electric Bass

A powerful Rack Extension that delivers everything you need to easily create dynamic, responsive, believable bass lines in Reason.


Reason Electric Bass is a powerful Rack Extension that delivers everything you need to easily create dynamic, responsive, believable bass lines in Reason. Find the right sound in eight meticulously sampled vintage and contemporary electric bass guitars. Select between picked or finger-style performances, balance between bridge and neck pickups, and blend between DI and amp signals to create the perfect tone for any song. It’s the ultimate tool for laying down the low-end in Reason.

January 14, 2022

BeatMap Algorhythmic Drummer

BeatMap is a new Reason Rack Extension that generates notes in a fast, fun, intuitive way. Designed primarily for drums, BeatMap takes away some of the complexity of writing great beats by using algorithmically-generated patterns to come up with unexpected and interesting results.


  • Use BeatMap to generate MIDI patterns to trigger drum machines or synthesizers.
  • Drag the pointer in the virtual map to change the beat. The variations are endless.
  • ‘Map Select’ lets you explore different styles and genres.
  • Use the ‘Density’ and ‘Mirror’ knobs to adjust the intensity of individual elements.

Try it in Reason Plus.

January 12, 2022

Melody Mutation Suite

  • Realtime melodic manipulator
  • Powerful scale sequencing and filtering
  • Over 50 algorithms

MeloDramatik has a huge selection of scales — 371 to be exact. Scales from all over the world including many of the Indian Mela and Ragas; masses of blues and jazz scales; 10 different variations on the theme of Dorian; and much more!

1.2.2 Update

MeloDramatik was given another crucial piece of the algorithmic puzzle! Enlightenspeed Ltd added “square root inversion” — meaning that the difference generated by the algorithm is attenuated by taking its root and rounding it. The result is that the outputs are a lot more restrained than before. Of course, if you want more esoteric results you just leave the function off, simple as that — and they’ve also designed it so that it can be remote targeted. More than this though, not only have they added it to the standard melodic inversion, it has been added as an option to every algorithm.

The ultimate melodic manipulator

The upgrade from Melodic Inverter was so big that the name got changed! Melodic Inverter has been completely rewritten and redesigned as MeloDramatik! More importanly though, the feature list has gone through the roof, and MeloDramatik is arguably the most vital Player that you could ever own. Try it now.

Product Description

Melodramatik ships with:
  • Over 50 static manipulation algorithms. (NEW – Increased from 16.)
  • Onboard Scales – 4 banks. (NEW)
  • Full step sequencer including Octave, Semitone (NEW), Mute, Scale sequencer (NEW), Passthrough mode.
  • 8 Pattern banks (NEW) including Copy/Paste/Clear functions.
  • Group controls for Passthrough and Mute sequencers. (NEW)
  • 32 Step sequencer for creating evolving algorithms – potentially trillions of possible combinations. Actually it’s much more than that, Enlightenspeed gave up at the Googol mark when trying to calculate it.
  • Onboard Input and Output Filters. (NEW)
  • Output Filter Modes — Foldback, Terminate, and Wraparound. (NEW)
  • Greatly enhanced randomization capabilities including range controls (NEW) and single element randomizers. (NEW)
  • Completely new GUI.
  • Plus, using the Passthrough functions still allows you to use both the Scaling and the Filtering, so this device can be an amazing addition to your Reason rack even without any algorithms doing anything!

What else is new?

In 1.1, Englightenspeed added a lot of new stuff, which really adds to the workflow of MeloDramatik, and gives you more power for manipulation than is available in any other device of this class, be that RE or VST.

Available for your MIDI mangling ‘musement is:

  • Randomizer range selection in the sequencer timeline! If you don’t want to randomize the whole sequencer, because you’re just looking for polite variations, then you can now limit the change to the last 3 steps or the first 4 steps (or the middle 19 steps if it pleases you).
  • Step sequencer “Step Select”. When working in Step mode you can now jump directly to the step you choose, by simply clicking on the timeline for that step.
  • CV Inputs! They have added CV inputs to this device and the effect is stunning! You can use the following input controls:
  • Gate/Note sequencer input.
  • Mute Group and Passthrough Group on/off switching.
  • Pattern Selection.
  • Input and Output Filter HP/LPs.
  • Output Filter Rule.
  • Lastly, they added a nice big friendly flow diagram to the back panel, to give immediate guidance on the inner workings of MeloDramatik. The future path of this device mandates that this diagram will get a lot smaller, so learn it now.

Change Log

  • 1.0.1 – Step and Rate controls are now available per pattern.
  • 1.0.2 – Minor fixes, defaults standardized, flow diagram added to rear for easier comprehension, minor graphic addition to output filters.
  • 1.1.0 – Major update, see above.
  • 1.1.1 – Minor Update – fixed bug concerning Mutes after Randomize All was triggered.
  • 1.2.0 – Added the ability to use square root attenuation for all algorithms.
  • 1.2.1 – Minor bug fixes – Fixed issues with loading patches.
  • 1.2.2 – Scales set expanded from 32 to 371.

January 12, 2022

Sound Like You

The Reason Rack is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design and beatmaking tools for your music. It’s a virtual studio rack packed full of instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, sound-shaping effects, Player MIDI effects, and mixing tools which come together to make your sound possible.

  • VST, AU, AAX Plugin
  • Standalone DAW
  • 30 day return policy

New in Reason 12

Mimic Creative Sampler

Mimic is a fun new sampler for the modern beatmaker and producer. Designed for quick and immediate triggering, chopping, and manipulation of whatever audio you throw at it.

Updated Combinator

Combine your favorite devices, choose a panel size, change the background color, add a custom background, and the perfect set of controls to build your dream machine.

High Resolution Graphics

Geek out on crystal clear hyper-realistic devices in the Rack and adapt Reason to your workflow with the new new zoomable interface.

Faster Browser

With a new faster browsing experience you can easily find all your devices, samples and patches, and stay in the creative flow.

Buy Now


Direct Download

January 12, 2022

The Smart Choice

Club Ready Retro Beats

  • Bangin’ beatmaking bundle including both
  • Umpf Club Drums and Umpf Retro Beats
  • Drum Sequencer included for FREE

Grab both versions of Umpf plus Reason’s Drum Sequencer at a sweet 30% discount. Over 1500 one-shot samples and the best beat production duo available in the Reason universe. Ideal for all electronic, pop and avant-garde music genres.

Product Description 

Umpf Club Drums

The Umpf Club Drums Rack Extension is a next-level dance music beat creation device that delivers everything you need to make banging electronic beats in Reason. Easily create pumping, club-ready drum tracks—ready to drop in any song.

Umpf Retro Beats

Umpf Retro Beats is an innovative drum machine packed with everything you need to make bangin’ old-school beats in Reason. Quickly create 80s, Retro Pop and Synthwave style beats using samples from the dopest drum machines of the 80s and 90s. Loaded with fresh sounds, legit effects and radical editing tools, Retro Beats is the illest beat creation device ever.

Only $139. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

January 12, 2022

Player Device Bundle

  • Six inspiring player devices
  • Create patterns, chords, and melodies
  • Save 50%

Set your creativity free with six inspiring players in the Player Device Bundle. Players are performance devices that add a new dimension to your existing Reason instruments. Whether you’re a trained musician or just starting out, these players can help you achieve new sounds and styles.

Simply drop a player above an instrument in the Reason Rack and select a pattern from the massive collection of presets to generate fresh, new ideas. Or quickly create your own complex rhythms, lush chords and catchy melodies with a few clicks of your mouse.

Save 50% on these powerful performance devices with the Player Device Bundle and unlock ideas you didn’t know you had.

Product Description 

Kompulsion Player

Kompulsion is a matrix-style sequencer and arpeggiator capable of creating complex, hypnotic rhythms in seconds. In sequence mode, Kompulsion lets you trigger any Reason instrument using 16 independent 32-step sequencers. Adjust probability, repeat, and loop direction for each sequence to create intricate polyrhythms. Or use arpeggio mode to turn simple chords into dynamic rhythmic patterns.

Euclidean Rhythms

Make beats with the power of mathematics! Euclidean Rhythms is a 32-step sequencer that generates interesting, inspiring rhythms based on the ancient Euclid algorithm. Creating beats with Euclidean Rhythms is fast, easy and fun. Simply tweak the density knob and offset controls until you find a rhythm you like. Then fine-tune your beat by adjusting timing, shuffle, note length and velocity.

Drum Sequencer

Drum Sequencer is a pattern-based step sequencer tailor-made for lightning-fast beat production. Quickly create elaborate rhythms using eight channels, 16 steps, and eight patterns. Create patterns with realistic articulations using velocity, repeat and probability controls for each step. Experiment with time resolution and play direction on all eight channels for endless creative possibilities!

Chord Detector

Chord Detector is a sleek, CPU-friendly player that can accurately and instantly detect over 75 unique chord variations. Unlike most players, Chord Detector doesn’t actually alter MIDI notes. It simply analyzes the notes and passes the MIDI data through, helping you identify chord names without slowing down your creative flow.

Quad Note Generator

Tap into an endless stream of musical ideas with Quad Note Generator. Create melodies, rhythms and harmonies all from the same device using four separate note generators. Simply select the key scale note pattern to generate musical phrases. Adjust the variation knob for new patterns, or connect a MIDI keyboard and use control note sequences in real time.

ST100 Strumming Machine

ST100 Strumming Machine lets you play realistic guitar-strumming patterns on any instrument in your Reason Rack. Create detailed rhythms using up strokes, down strokes and palm mutes. Get started quickly using the included patches, or program your own rhythms using four patterns of up to 64 steps.

6 Players – 1 Bundle!

Value priced at $149.

January 3, 2022

Just Call Out My Name

CAROLE KING & JAMES TAYLOR: JUST CALL OUT MY NAME premiered Sunday, Jan. 2 at 9:00PM ET/PT on CNN. (CNN Films)

CNN Films premiered CAROLE KING & JAMES TAYLOR: Just Call Out My Name for television on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022, at 9:00pm ET/PT on CNN. Also released yesterday were the trailer and poster art for the film. The new documentary feature is centered around Carole King’s and James Taylor’s legendary 2010 Troubadour Reunion Tour, and includes exclusive footage. The film is directed and produced by Frank Marshall, and produced by Aly Parker and The Kennedy / Marshall Company.

CAROLE KING & JAMES TAYLOR: Just Call Out My Name celebrates King’s and Taylor’s relationship of 50 years. Their expansive 2010 concert tour reunited these beloved singer/songwriters for a rare musical experience. The set list for the film includes “Country Road,” “Natural Woman,” “Fire and Rain,” “Beautiful,” “Carolina in My Mind,” and many more. The documentary also includes songs that they first performed together in 1970 at The Troubadour — the famed Los Angeles music venue that helped propel them both onto the world stage.

In an exclusive interview for the film, King and Taylor describe some of the stories behind their music. Recently, four-time Grammy® Award-winner Carole King was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, for the second time; and, six-time Grammy® Award-winner James Taylor’s acclaimed live tour continues throughout 2022.

Frank Marshall, who also directed the Emmy-winning The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heartdescribed the film as a ‘special reunion concert by these extraordinarily gifted friends,’ when the production was announced in October.

The film was commissioned by CNN Films and HBO Max. CNN is the exclusive domestic broadcaster for the film. During the Jan. 2 premiere, CAROLE KING & JAMES TAYLOR: Just Call Out My Name, also streamed live for subscribers via CNNgo — — and via CNNgo apps for AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, and Android TV; and on the CNN mobile apps for iOS and Android. The film will encore on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 9:00pm Eastern. It will also be available on demand via cable/satellite systems, CNNgo platforms, and CNN mobile apps, beginning today, Monday, Jan. 3, through Sunday, Jan. 16. While watching the film, viewers can comment and interact with others across social media platforms using the hashtag #JustCallOutMyName.

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year

Good evening. We want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. This is always a hopeful time, as we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. And while 2021 was difficult for many of us, we look forward to brighter days ahead. Although our challenges are great, we have the courage and determination to rise up and meet them. It is that spirit that has kept The Remix Studio dream alive for years, and it is that spirit that will keep it alive for years to come. Happy New Year, everyone.

December 26, 2021

The Reason Rack

Image Credit: Reason Studios

The Reason Rack is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design and beatmaking tools for music. It’s a virtual studio rack packed full of synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI, mixing tools and more. Since 2009, it was a goal to level up to Reason, however, it simply was not within The Remix Studio’s budget. Until last week, when we discovered a special offer: Try Reason+ $1 for 30 days. Thereafter, the subscription fee is $19.99/month. Now at the heart of The Remix Studio is a virtual rack where we craft our sound using Reason’s 75+ instruments & sound-shaping effects.

December 22, 2021

Bobby DeBarge (BD)

Photo courtesy of Bobby DeBarge.

Bobby DeBarge (BD) is the son of Bobby DeBarge, Jr. who was the lead singer of the Motown R&B group, Switch. The band released their debut album in 1978. The LP, which featured production from Jermaine Jackson, reached gold status thanks to There’ll Never Be which was solely written by DeBarge. The following year, the group hit gold again with Switch II which included another DeBarge-penned hit, I Call Your Name. Switch became a recording and performing attraction, due to the band’s overall musicianship and also DeBarge’s multi-octave vocal range. DeBarge Jr. also served as both mentor and a co-producer of his siblings’ band, DeBarge, eventually joining them to fill in for departing members El and Bunny.

Like his father, BD is noted for his falsetto vocals.